Where to Go

Living in the Bay Area
Beauty and brains ~ hints of the richness of the Bay Area. Residents and visitors to the Bay Area are offered a diversity of culture and cuisine, entertainment and education, recreation and adventure.

If food is one’s passion, the Bay Area matches any region anywhere. Grand, world-class gourmet restaurants are a complement to cozy neighborhood spots, equal in talent and the ability to satisfy diners. A diverse Bay Area culture adds to the dining experience, with restaurants offering a vast range of choices for fine feasting.

There is no lack of stimulating activities in the Bay Area. Exquisite museums, famous bookstores hosting events with world-famous authors, and major league sports teams all can be found in the Bay Area. Live theater and music contribute to the richness of the community. A unique blend of gorgeous, historical, and edgy live performance venues abound.

The Bay Area is a glorious region in which to live, where natural beauty permeates throughout. There is a bounty of local gardens, natural landscapes, and recreation trails on which to explore. And just outside the Bay Area, coastlines wind, mountains rise, and history remains alive, all in a single day’s journey from the Bay Area.

The Bay Area is a unique treasure for residents and visitors alike. The Bay Area can be located on a map, but is felt in one’s heart.